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Re: PCI bus speed on OldWorld PCI macs

On   2 Aug, this message from Sloopy Malibu echoed through cyberspace:
> Here at home I have a B&W G3-500 (384megs RAM OS X 10.1.5) and a 8500/233
> (604e) ( 896Megs Ram Mac OS 9.1) with a KNE110TX 10/100 enet card... And
> when the B&W is hooked to my friends iBook it will blow large files back and
> forth very fast... But when I have the B&W G3 and the 8500 hooked together
> it is hardly noticeable speed increase from the built-in 10T connection...

Keep in mind that when transfering files, you will at least to some
extent test the filesystem and the underlying disk, not necessarily the
network throughput. Whichever is slower will impose its limit.

Knowing how slow first-gen PCI system's default disks are, I'm sure the
limiting factor with 100BaseT is disk, not network card.

That said, I'll try and benchamrk my 7600 with it's RTL8139 card one of
these days with a network benchmark tool à la ttcp.



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