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Re: Migration questions

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 09:01:55AM -0400, Zachery Bir wrote:
> Hey, all.
> I'm pretty well committed to installing woody on my iBook2k1. I've 
> actually had it on before, for several months, before I was talked 
> back into installing Mac OS X. Now, I'm getting frustrated with the 
> speed and responsiveness of Mac OS X, plus I work in a 
> highly-friendly linux shop, and well, I'm up for a change.
> However, before I get going with the latest XFS boot disk (that 
> _will_ work with the iBook2k1, right?), I've got a few questions 
> about the availability of certain services that I've become 
> accustomed to over the months. I'm looking through several sources 
> about all this at the same time, so I'm not just looking for all 
> the answers here, but I expect there are quite a few users like me 
> in the community.
>   1) Gnucash vs. Quicken?
>      We've been using Quicken almost religiously, and this would 
> really be a show stopper. Mostly we just use it for keeping track 
> of statement-based finances, nothing with online services.

gnucash is the full-blown double entry system. It does import Quicken
files, but note Quicken has extended their format several times.

For a simpler version, basically just one checking account for
example, I use cbb. Its Quicken import function will work if you
export only one account from Quicken with no bells or whistles. On the
plus side, it's very easy to use. Its balance function works very
similar to Quicken's, the interface is simpler and less featured

>   2) External monitors/TV
>      Does the external monitor adapter "just work"? Similarly, the 
> AV cable to watch DVDs on the bedroom TV?
>   3) Jeweltoy clone?
>      Anyone ever heard of one? It's a game like Bejeweled on the 
> Palm. Amber's addicted, and _needs_ it. This may actually be more 
> of a show stopper than Quicken :)

You may have to retain the dual boot just for that...

>   4) Quicktime/Flash content?
>      If only developers would realize that linux != i386. I know 
> that with Quicktime 6 using MPEG-4, that more content might be 
> portable(?), but how about Flash? Has Macromedia provided a plug-in 
> for non-i386 linuxes? Have they allowed others to port it?

a free flash player was just announced last week, it's pretty green.

Apple makes a Quicktime Streaming Server version for linux, but I 
don't know about any client software.

>   5) KDE?
>      How's KDE 3.0.2? I know it's not available in .debs yet, but 
> does it work well on the PPC? For that matter, what kinds of 
> performance deltas are there between Debian-i386 and Debian-powerpc?

You want to start a religious war? That's dependent on the machine.

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