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Re: PCI bus speed on OldWorld PCI macs

>-what is the speed of the PCI bus on an older powermac?  (is is 50% bus

It should be normal 33Mhz

>-If I clocked up my PowerMac 7300/180 (45mhz bus) to 175 to 200 mhz on a
>bus would I be getting a faster PCI bus as well?

I don't know if the PCI clock is derived from the bus clock, I don't
think so but others may have more experience with such tweaks.

>-What about the onboard video and ethernet?  Is that effected
performance wise
>by the increased bus

Difficult to say. Onboard video might, I don't think ethernet would
make any difference (except maybe if the result is also to increase
the memory and cache throughput).

>I know a few old video cards for my IDT 225 WinDoze system didn't work when I
>tried to go to an 83mhz system bus and a few even older ones that
>wouldn't work
>at 75mhz system bus.
>-Should I worry about old PCI cards not working at "overclocked" PCI bus
>settings on the PPC-MAC side?
>I should probably go find a PowerMac listserve for these questions...if
>knows one I'll gratefully take my questions there instead.


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