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Re: Bug#155095: libmm11 1.1.3-7 broken on PowerPC

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 11:07:02AM -0400, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

> I just posted a follow-up to that bug report, complete with some
> experimentation results.  To summarise, either double your shmmax or
> recompile libmm11 with --with-shm=MMFILE.  Looks like there's a bug
> somewhere WRT IPCSHM (could be kernel, could be libmm...dunno yet..hell, 
> it could be PHP).

I'm going to rebuild forcing shm to MMFILE anyway since it'll avoid
problems with the shm method randomly changing depending on which buildd
it gets built on.

> I am going to try libmm12 to see if that helps (not looking forward to
> recompiling php4, but I might as well).

I wouldn't bother, it doesn't achieve much and since this bug keeps
appearing and disappearing it needn't prove anything.  I did try this
already but since I can't reproduce on this PowerPC machine in the first
place I'm not sure it's achieved anything.

> Mark, anything else that you'd like me to try?

Adding diagnostics to php4 so it'd actually say what went wrong (MM
provides mm_error() giving a text-form error) might be helpful.

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