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Re: Bug#153948: Need help with afio on powerpc

Hi Koen,

Good to know you're back.

> Just got back from a vacation without e-mail.  I've been reading over
> the powerpc thread but it will take me a bit to say something
> intelligent...
> BTW I do not have access to a powerpc system.

Me neither.  I think what we need at this point is to short-circuit 
something between Dieter, Stephen and you.  Stephen has been
working hard to wrestle this bug down, but it keeps popping up on
Dieter's machine.    

We should also make sure that you (Koen) have Stephen latest
set of patches.  You could start from the .diff.gz that gets built in
the Debian package building process and which is on the url
on my box I posted. I'll also try to remember to send it to you 
Cheers,  Dirk

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