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Re: New - Newbie apt-get question

deFreese, Barry wrote:

O.K. so I'm trying to keep this thread alive :-).

When I run apt-get install kde, I keep getting messages that it fails to
pull down some files and then it says:

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with

I have run apt-get update and it changes nothing.  I have looked through the
man pages for apt-get and can find no reference to --fix-missing?  Any

Do you have some fishy mirrors in your /etc/apt/sources.list?
I only ever get that message if I:

1. am using an incomplete mirror (full disk or something). Ofcourse it's unable to fetch the archives if the mirror never downloaded them ;-) (running our own mirror on the samfundet.no domain, because we "only" have a 10Mbit to the outside and we have a lot of servers who needs updating (like we would use "stable", eh? ;) ))

2. have a mirror for some obscure package which needs another mirror for some obscure dependency, and suddenly the mirror with the dependency is gone or something.

Does apt-get update produce any errors? Number 2 of these would make apt-get update complain about being unable to get some package lists. Number 1 can be a bastard to find out, especially if it's not your mirror... :-)

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