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ALSA Sound doesn't work right


I compiled and installed the alsa-driver modules (version 0.9rc1-2) in 
combination with a kernel 2.4.19-rc3-ben0. Then I added to 
/etc/modutils/arch/powerpc.pmac the following lines

alias snd-card-0		snd-powermac

and changed in /etc/alsa/alsa-base.conf the entry

startosslayer=false to startosslayer=true.

After that I did an alsa restart and started alsaplayer or xmms to play an 
mp3 file. In both cases I could hear sound. Using alsaplayer in a real bad 
quality and only when I set volume to 1%. Above 1% alsaplayer plays only 
white noise. When I use xmms the sound has a high quality, but I can't adjust 
the volume or the balance, whereas in alsaplayer both work fine.

Could someone help me by the configuration of my alsa sound system, please?

Kind regards, Roland Wegmann


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