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Re: total linux newbie / advice appreciated

On Sun, 2002-07-28 at 04:30, ccos wrote:

> basically i would like the system which will
> run most smoothly with the least installation troubles
> from the get go. i'll eventually want to learn to tweek the system,
> and try out different distros, but a lot further down the track.
> i need to learn a great deal and i would like
> to minimize the frustration of not being
> able to even install the thing.

If you've installed Debian on i386 or other architectures, installing it
on powerpc is just as easy.  The only hard part is partitioning,
especially if you want to keep MacOS too.  Read this:


> things i'll eventually want to have working:
> gnu-step
> gcc
> ruby and ruby opengl
> gimp

I'm pretty sure all of this is available in Debian woody.  

> gnu 3dkit (obj-c opengl lib)

This one I'm not sure about.

> i assume all distros come with the gcc and gimp,
> what about gnu step though, will it work on top
> of all distros?

I don't see why it wouldn't.

> what about open-gl and opengl dev in linux?
> are the cocoa obj-c opengl classes functional
> through gnu-step in all distros?

I don't know what cocoa is, but there's no real reason why one thing
would work on one GNU/Linux distribution but not another.

> what about sound support?
> i have a motu 2408 sound card.
> are there drivers out there for stuff like that?

That's a good question; I don't know.  Maybe one of the kernel or audio
people here will know.

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