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Troubleshooting X server

Please help! My X environment keeps shutting down on me without warning
and very little information. All I've found as far as errors go is the
following from /var/log/syslog:

Jul 26 13:28:01 crimson gnome-name-server[310]: input condition is:
0x10, exiting Jul 26 13:28:03 crimson gdm[248]:
gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0

I'm running woody versions of everything: XFree 4.1, GNOME 1.4, Sawfish,
etc. The main software I've been trying to run is Sylpheed and Mozilla,
as well as terminal windows. The system is a PowerMac 9500/120, with a
Formac Proformance 3 (permedia-based) video card.

I realize this isn't much to go on yet, so what I'm mostly looking for
is tips on how to track down the problem. I am a programmer and fairly
adept at tracking down bugs and such, but I'm completely unfamiliar with
the tools available on Linux. I don't even know where to begin, so any
help would be greatly appreciated. If there are any hardware diagnostic
tools (e.g. intensive memory testers), that would probably be valuable
as well.

-- Michael

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