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Re: Framebuffer and PowerPC's

(with an 24 bit color depth), but only
with a 640x480 resolution. Do anybody knows how can I change the
Framebuffer's resolution at boot or at the commandline?

First, make sure you have enough VRAM for the resolution/color depth you
want to use.

Then, your text console will by default run the mode you were in last
under MacOS. So, to start, boot back to MacOS once and set your desired
video mode there. (What happened to nvvideo, or whatever it was called,
that permitted to set the OF video mode under Linux?).

2 bis. If you want to change the resolution at boot time, so for the console output, you can use the following kernel arguments : video=controlfb:1024x768@75 Which is the resolution XxY and the frequency @f.


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