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live microphone

I'm using 2.4.19-pre10-ben0 on an iBook2.

When I opened the lid today, my microphone was live (and still is).

Interesting feedback effects, but not very useful. The first time I opened
the lid there was ineliminable static (that is, I played an mp3 through
the speakers, and it didn't stop the static), so I now think this is
related to the live mic.

I haven't had the screaming lid-open for awhile, since putting a line in
pwrctl-local to play an mp3 file on "lid-open" events. It doesn't always
do so, but I don't get screams anymore.

This is the first sound anomaly I've had since making that change.

So how do I shut off the microphone? How do I prevent this from happening
again? I didn't even know we had microphone drivers in the current kernel.


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