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Re: questions to kernel-patch-benh

   I would suspect that the kernel-patch-benh is rather old at this
point. It is simplier to just rsync the latest benh tree (currently
at 2.4.19rc3) with...

mkdir linux-2.4-benh
cd linux-2.4-benh
rsync -avz --delete rsync.penguinppc.org::linux-2.4-benh .

...then if you have a previous .config you have been using for
building kernels copy it into this kernel tree and do...

make oldconfig
make dep
make-kpkg clean
make-kpkg --revision rowe.1 

...after the kernel and modules are built do...

make-kpkg binary

That will get you all of the kernel packages built. The advantage to
this approach is that you can upgrade from the latest benh by just
doing the following the kernel tree dir.

make-kpkg clean
^D (to go back to your user account)
make clean
rsync -avz --delete rsync.penguinppc.org::linux-2.4-benh .

Of course you need to repeat all the steps above again to build
the new tree.

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