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Re: Parallel installation of two kernels

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 09:36:04PM +0200, Roland Wegmann wrote:
> Hello
> I have build a custom 2.4.18-kernelpackage via make-kpkg --revision number 
> kernel_image. Now I will install this this package in a way that I can chose 
> between the original Debian kernel (from kernel-image-2.4.18-newpmac) and my 
> own one, when I boot my iMac. So that I always have a running kernel for sure.
> Can I use in this case "apt-get install ...", too?
> How Do I have to modify yaboot.conf?

You mean dpkg -i...

Just look for the newly installed kernel (probably under /boot) and link
it from inside yaboot.conf.

You have an example at www.hispalinux.es/~data/ibook/

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