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RE: Modems on PowerBook 3400

On 17 July 2002 15:42 "Michel Dänzer" <daenzer@debian.org>

} > 
} > I wish mc got installed with this particular distro. :-(
} sudo apt-get install mc
} In Debian, nothing gets installed unless you want it or something you
} want needs it.

I understand that.  The problem is, I don't have any sort of internet connection to my
debian machine (hence the whole point of this thread).  And, the CD is a mini-iso, which
is only a minimal/bare system and does not include mc (which is what I meant by
"particular distro").  A set of Woody disks for the ppc is hard to find, although
I could use my Potato CDs, if I wanted.

I don't want to commit to the time involved to a full-install until I can get a PPP connection
going.  So, until I get that, I'm stuck with "ls ../../" &c.

Thanks, though,

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