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RE: Modems on PowerBook 3400

On 16 July 2002 18:14 "Philipp Kaeser" <furball@gubbe.ch> wrote

} I do not know if the PB 3400 uses the same hardware, but it is
} to be suspected; so you might possibly profit from my configuration
} files. I have put them online at 
} http://www.gubbe.ch/linux/pb2400-pcmcia.php   (pcmcia config)
} and at
} http://www.gubbe.ch/linux/dev-globalvillage.php   (for modem stuff)

In http://www.gubbe.ch/linux/pb2400-pcmcia.php  you say
"modify /etc/pcmcia.conf".  I don't have a pcmcia.conf file.  Should
I create one and add the values you recommend?

Well, I managed to screw up both my woody and my potato installation last night.
On woody, getty kept spawning every five minutes, so I commented out every
occurence of getty in the rc.init file.  Doh!  I mis-read tty[1-6] for ttys[1-6], so I thought
I was commented out something to the (pseudo-)? serial ports.  And I don't have a
console to attach.

For potato, I try to do a minimal install... I don't select anything from tasksel until
after I reboot.  Then I run tasksel -s.  But the system keeps freezing when it comes
to TeX stuff.  Last night, it was on "***purging old tex files***".  Previously, it had
been installation of some tetex docs.  I'll just leave this one at the scratching-head stage.

I also discovered another reason why I don't like using potato with my computer.  I get
hundreds of "unresolved symbols" regarding pcmcia.

I get off of work early today, so I'll fiddle around and try to get a functioning woody again.

Regarding memory allocation, would it hurt if I included both 0x80000000-0x80ffffff and
0x90000000-0x90ffffff ranges in my config.opts?

Oh, and I figured out what /dev/ttyS00 was.  It is, in fact, a serial port.  just not my
internal modem or my pcmcia modem.  It's the modem/printer port.

Tune in tomorrow... same deb time, same deb channel.


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