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Re: TiBook Keyboard Question

At 6:30 PM +0000 7/15/02, Cory Watson wrote:
How do you switch virtual terminals with a TiBook?  I've managed to get it to
work once, only to forget what combination of fn, ctrl, option, and the apple
key it took.

It depends on how your keyboard is set up. First poke F1 and F2 and see if the change the brightness of the screen. If they do, then either:

Cmd-ctrl-fn-F# will change terminals if your meta key is Cmd and
Opt-ctrl-fn-F# will change terminals if your meta key is Option.

If F1 and F2 by themselves do *not* change brightness, then omit the fn:

Cmd-ctrl-F# or Opt-ctrl-F#

You can also omit the control key if you are change between text consoles, it is only really needed to switch out of an X screen.

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