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Re: Network Install won't connect

Hello Colin

Am 14-Jul-02 schrieb Colin Foran:

> Nope, looks good. eth0 and loopback only. Ive got a few more ideas to try
> out, ill post my results either later tonight or early tomarrow. Ive got a
> sneaking suspicion that ive miss something painfully obvious, im going to
> check it out now. I cant thank you enough for sticking with this though,
> thanks again -Cheers

As I could read you have another linux box connected to your modem. I once had
a problem during install with a kernel not supporting dhcp, so what I did was
the following:

I connected an other box to the network and let it be configured by dhcp. Then
I started the debian installation, and, at the point where I could enter the
network information I entered the *exact same* values as presented by the other
box, including (!!) the ip address of the other box. Then, when it came to
install the base system, I just plugged the cable off from the other box, and
and as the network got started on the to be installed machine it was working with
the setup of the other box.

If you are already behind the installation, you could do the same thing of
course using the ifconfig and route commands. Afterwards you start the network
on your eth0 interface by issuing ifup eth0. But if you feel a bit
uncomfortable with entering the things manually by using ifconfig (well, in my
experience, ifconfig isn't the problem, but to set the routes, this is quite
tricky), it may be easier to install again from scratch, and then just enter
the network information during install. So you don't have to fiddle with
route et al. Oh, and, btw. altough you are asked for the dns servers during
the install, I think you don't have to enter them, IIRC they get configured
automagically, but you could of course also enter them, if it should still doesn't
work then.

You may try this, instead of gather the network information from MacOS 9
and then booting into linux. So you can be sure you have the right parameters
right till you "switch" the box by pulling the cable off the other machine.

Hope it helps, good luck,

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