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Re: DRI CVS snapshot packages

 Michel Dänzer wrote:

i installed these packages and compiled the module. if i start X and have
a look at glxinfo, everything looks fine. however, running glxgears
results in locking up my ibook2 700 mhz 12" Combo with a radeon mobility
This is what I wrote about the M6 (=LY) in the announcement. Set

setting the environment variable RADEON_NO_TCL=1 did not help. same behavior as before, the machine locks up, as soon as i run glxgears or any other opengl application.
yes, it was set. when i run glxgears it dumps the following two lines on the console, before it hangs itself:

disabling TCL support
radeonUpdatePageFlipping allow 0 current 0

does this maybe give a hint? the same two lines are given by glxinfo.

This looks fine. The ball is with Mij <mijio@mac.com>, who said it
worked for him, or maybe I misunderstood?

Same behaviour here, X freezes when I launch glxgears, using your packaged server, or the debian server. I am using 2.4.19.rc1-ben0

i get the message,

disabling TCL support

the window manager starts to draw the box for the glxgears winow... then it freezes. The mouse still moves, but no response from the keyboard. The whole Xserver locks, since if I listen to music from xmms it stops, but if I listen from a shell I can continue to enjoy it. Maybe by ssh-ing into the system I could kill X, but I have only one computer.


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