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Re: wmappl

Aaron Schrab wrote:

At 14:59 +0200 10 Jul 2002, Mij <mijio@mac.com> wrote

It's storing the return value from fgetc() into a char variable.  This
is wrong, fgetc() is documented as returning an int (it needs to be able
to return any valid char or EOF, so a char isn't big enough).

That's right, but as Theo noted, expliciting the char "signed" clears the problem. That's really strange. I think this depends on two's complement notation AND endianess,
but I'm really curious to know something more.
"Signed" is an implicit keyword, and it doesn't implies any specific behaviour. It's simply
implied. Then, I think the problem comes from a gcc optimization.

When i'll have 1 minute, i'm going to go deep in this problem.


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