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X color problem

Hello everyone, after gettind Debian and X working on my old iMac rev B I've
run into a silly problem in X.  It doesn't know about colors, I'm being
told that "color name is not defined", apparently.  Here's what I get:

wmaker warning: could not get color for key "ClipTitleColor"
wmaker warning: using default "black" instead
wmaker warning: could not parse color "black"
Warning: Color name "grey50" is not defined
Warning: Color name "white" is not defined


Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/X11R6.4/lib/X11/rgb'

even after I copied it there.  Seems I'm missing something that should be
fairly obvious here but searching the list proved no help in this case.

A pointer would be greatly appreciated, I cannot get white on black xterms to
work, they're all black on white and it's hurting my eyes!

On an aside I get a yellow outline around all my windows, presumedly that
has something to do with it.

I installed the XFree debs from people.debian.org/branden btw, since X 
wouldn't work out of the box.

TIA very much!

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