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Re: Presentation with 2nd gen TiBook

On Jul 07 2002, Jason E. Stewart wrote:
> X now works beautifully on my pismo thanks to m3mirror, so I'm kinda
> loathe to mess with it (why I'm still using X4.1 out of sid instead of
> michel's 4.2 binaries).

	His binaries are quite non-intrusive. And, at least for my
	ibook2, they are far faster than the experimental 4.2 debs.

	Michel, did you compile your binaries with anything special
	that is not included in stock 4.2? What would explain the
	speed difference when, say, I am using xine?

	[]s, Roger...

Rogério Brito - linuxconsult@yahoo.com.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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