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ctrl:swapcaps not working

This might be an X specific question rather than a mac keyboard specific
one, but I'm not sure where else to start looking for answers.

For some reason, adding

XkbOption "ctrl:swapcaps"   # from memory

to the appropriate place in my XF86Config-4 doesn't do the
right thing on this (tiBook) keyboard; ctrl becomes capslock, but
capslock doesn't act like ctrl.

xev shows the ctrl keycode event being generated, but the capslock key
seems not to stay held down. My guess is that there's a keyboard
management layer under X that treats capslock specially.

Is there any way to work around this? Or is there a way to remap these
keys at the console level that affects their behaviour in X as well?
I've done this on an x86 box before, but I'm very new to linux on ppc.



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