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Re: Information about the Sound Card on an iBook2 700MHz.

On Jul 05 2002, Jesus Climent wrote:
> I would like to provide some info to mplayer guys to get the mplayer
> output to be ok, since it works like jumping.

	Yes, I see that too on my iBook2. And that is the reason why I
	switched to using (and contributing to) xine.

	I don't know about the situation of mplayer on the PowerMac
	9500/180MP that I have here collecting dust. It may work
	better, since the hardware is different. It would be
	enlightnening to know how mplayer works on TiBooks, though.

> Maybe it is just a driver problem, but it makes y video experience
> useless with my iBook2.

	Indeed, but I saw that problem only with videos that didn't
	have 44kHz, 16bit, stereo. With videos whose audio was an MP3
	with that format, everything worked well. Do you see the same

	The problem is that the "vast majority" :-) of videos you can
	find on the net don't have those characteristics and, then,
	play with the sound ok and with the video in bursts. :-(

	You can workaround the problem mentioned above (with extra use
	of CPU and loss of smoothness of videos) if you play your
	videos with "-ao sdl", but, IMO, this is a suboptimal solution.

	BTW, I've noticed a number of other problems with mplayer:

	1 - it has problems with endianness in many places (including
	    in places where you dump streams to disk -- I fixed the
	    part related to "-ao pcm", but there are many others with
	    the same problem there). See
	2 - you have to use a pipe of 3 plugins (of conversion of
	    samples, resampling and conversion of samples again) to
	    use DVDs with audio in 48kHz for DVDs audio to be playable
	    correctly on the iBook2. This is a pain, as it takes a lot
	    of CPU time, especially on CPU-starved computers like the
	    iBook2. Regarding avoiding this, see point #4;
	3 - mplayer isn't able (even with their dvdkit) to use DVDs on
	    PPC if you use "-dvd 1" or another title. I guess that
	    there is probably something fishy there (related to
	    endianness again?) as it identifies the number of chapters
	    on the DVD and then says that the DVD contains a stream of
	    unknown type!
	4 - there is a lot of code duplication there and bad
	    programming practices. See the thread starting
	    at http://mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/mplayer-users/2002-May/014505.html,
	    after which I unsubscribed from the mplayer-users mailing list.

	They want to release the final version of 0.90 soon, but with
	these problems, mplayer is hardly usable on PowerPCs. On
	x86's, the situation is completely different, though. It works
	quite reliably and is my player of choice.

	The problem here is that xine is still quite in its infacy
	in relation to mplayer, but, at least, the xine developers are
	more flexible regarding contributions.

	Anyway, I would love to have mplayer working as well in PPC
	(and other architectures too) as well as it works on x86.
	IMVVVHO, mplayer is almost the one-stop shop for video on
	Linux on x86. And it would be on other platforms too, if it
	weren't hard to cooperate with the developers.

	(I almost implored for Arpi for me to change some files from
	mplayer, but... Anyway, I'd love to contribute to that
	project, but I would like to see my patches being accepted.)

> Any ideas? Some improvements ahead? Maybe ALSA drivers?

	I don't know. They could copy the audio out (oss) section from
	xine, perhaps, if possible.

	[]s, Roger...

Rogério Brito - linuxconsult@yahoo.com.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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