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Re: Woody ISO images

Matteo wrote:

I can't download 3x680MB using a 56K modem!

My friend Tommaso, a windows user, has an ADSL. He dowloads the isos for me.

Matteo, you ought to consider two things you maybe don't know yet:

a) debian ppc is in strongly development status, expecially for the newest hw. This
means that you have anyway to update your system through network.

b) more or less, i can tell you that a working installation (without X: you have better to download X from other places however) takes 60Mb from network. ( 60MB / (56k/8)KB/s ) / 60s = about 2 hours.

If you do not have a flat contract, things can be different, but find a good+working+updated iso isn't
an easy job.


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