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Re: tibook fan/heat regulation

On  18 Jun, this message from Michael Schmitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> The fan seemed to come on a lot at one time, but it hasn't at all as
>> of late, despite quite hot temperatures...  BTW, I'm using a stock
>> 2.4.18.

I can't remember having my fan on at all....

>> > I'd guess the regulation is being done by the PMU without OS
>> > intervention by default.

I only hope it's automatic ;-)

> What temperature do you have in
>> > /proc/cpuinfo ??
>> Doesn't seem terribly accurate - it's telling me 16 degrees, whereas
>> it's 36 degrees outside.
> The data on my G3 seemed quite reasonable. Maybe the calibration for your 
> processor isn't accurate?

It's definitely off by far on the 7410: mine says 2C just after wakeup,
and 11C after a few minutes of heavy work. Makes me want to climb inside
that box, considering the temperature outside ;-)



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