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Re: X getting close (was X won't start)

Yup, that worked!!!

Looks like my keyboard is *way* scambled now, though.

When I started X and ran a terminal, the keys did not match what I was typing. And it looks like my resolution is 640 by 480, but it's trying to display something much bigger, I'm missing some of the screen.

When I did a forced restart (Mac key command) I got a GUI login instead of text which I specified at install.

And I can't log in because my keys aren't mapped right?

There's a little consol in the bottom right corner. When I try to log in as root I get tab (jumps to the other field) ssw

instead of root

When I do backspace (delete) it types commas.

when I try to type my user (marc) I get "nothing typed" for "m" If I try to do commandF2 or commandF3 or optionF2 or optionF3 to get a terminal, I get nothing (of course Debian isn't seeing it as commandF2 ??)

Can I force a text login somehow, and what keyboard fixes/resolution fixes am I looking for??



Sometime around 7:13 PM +0200 on 6/17/02, Michel Lanners wrote thus:
On  17 Jun, this message from Marc Stergionis echoed through cyberspace:
 At sometime around 8:41 AM +0200 on 6/15/02, Michel Lanners wrote thus:
Try my attached XFconfig. It's for control on a 7600.

Substitute my Dell Monitor with yours, and make sure to correct the
horizontal and vertical frequency range.

 Thanks Michel.

 I think I'm close. startx seems to want to restart the monitor under
 X but maybe having mouse trouble.

 (EE) xf86OpenSerial: Cannot open device /dev/input/mice
        No such file or directory
 (EE) Configured Mouse; cannot open input device
 (E) PreInit failed for input device "Configured Mouse"
 (WW) No core pointer registered
 No core pointer

 This 8600, of course, has an ADB Mouse II mouse, should that be
 entered anywhere in Input Devices?


 Input devices had two sections for mice:

 "Configured Mouse"


 "Generic Mouse"

 I have commented out "Generic"

That's debconf-generated XFConfig. Doesn't do any harm.

 what do I put in /dev/input/mice to make this work.

as root# cd dev; ./MAKEDEV input

 Potato 2.2r0 upgraded to Woody.

Strange; input devices should have been created then...

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