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Re: Boot X extension

At 13:55 Uhr -0500 12.06.2002, Chris wrote:
 Greetings Debian Guru's

may i do a reply even if i'm not one of them?

 ... and I understand almost none of all the OpenFirmware stuff, ...

me2  ;-))

 because I can use Boot X to get my 7200 and similar machines running.

 My question:
 Why would I NOT want to use Boot X (or some other utility) and instead
 trying to boot directly into Linux?

to make your life as hard as can be ;-))


 1) Needing a MacOS partition and using up Disk Space for it (which is
 good 'cause I'm not ready to give it up)

... and if you're intending to run MoL you'll need it again.

 2) Having to wait for the MacOS to boot before dumping it for Linux

much more than i? (about 15 sec. a day)

 -Chris the Linux Dummy

greentings from just another one:

    robert (running debian & MoL on a 7500)
            (o-     This is Linux Country.      -o)
            //\     On a quiet night, you       /\\
V_/_ can hear Windows reboot. _\_V

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