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Re: Partimage CD boots on my PowerMac while Debian don't

> > How do I build a powerpc test image with the blessed folder in the root
> > on a Debian i386.
> I think that could be the problem. You mean yaboot is within
> /install/powermac, right? Not just inside /install? I think that would
> definitely be a problem.  When I wanted to change systems in MacOS, I
> always used to de-bless a System Folder by moving its System inside
> Startup Items (the second level). If the system-type item isn't
> immediately within the top-level folder, the folder gets unblessed.
On Debian, the blessed folder is "powermac" within "install"
("/install/powermac") and contains yaboot, etc. "ofboot.b" is marked as
system. I don't know where ybin is, probably within the invisible apple
boot partition.

On Partimage, the blessed folder is "boot" in the root ("/boot"), where
"yaboot" is marked system.

On Suse 7.0, the blessed folder is "suseboot" in the root ("/suseboot"),
where "yaboot" is marked system. It also contains a fake "finder" and a

> I'm changing cvs.debian.org/powerpc-specials/mini-iso.sh to put yaboot
> and the kernel into the /install folder rather than right at the root
> level. Should be fixed up in half an hour or so.

Thanks, I'm going to download a testing image as soon as it's available.

O. Wyss

Author of "Debian partial mirror synch script"

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