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iMac USB keyboard LEDs

I have an iMac running unstable with kernel 2.4.18 (though I think 2.2.20
had the same problem) and the keyboard LEDs are all wacked out.

The "num lock" light reflects the inverse of the caps lock state (off=on,

The "caps lock" light is always on.

There is no "scroll lock" light or key, but when I use setleds to toggle
scroll lock, it toggles the state of both the "num lock" and "caps lock"

Has anyone else seen this?  A few google searches didn't turn up anything
interesting; it doesn't interefere with any functionality, but I'm sure I'm
not the only one affected.

Looking at the kernel source, it seems that previous generation Macs also
had some different ideas about how to address the LEDs
(drivers/macintosh/mac_keyb.c), but all USB keyboards seem to use the same
driver.  I assume this means that it has to differentiate between
Apple-style and PC-style USB keyboards...seems ridiculous to have the same
legacy issues in the next generation of keyboard technology.

 - mdz

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