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Re: keyboard problems with macally ikey

OK, I'm finally getting around to trying this. Can anyone recommend a good guide for compiling and replacing a kernel for ppc (and for debian, if there's anything debian-specific involved)? The one linked from the debian site says it's for x86, and I don't see anything like this linked from ppckernel or penguinppc.



David Stanaway wrote:
On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 07:01, Thomas Peri wrote:

I use a macally ikey keyboard, and I've noticed two problems.

a) The LEDs are wacky. they start off all un-lit, but when I enable num-lock, they all turn on. Disabling num-lock doesn't turn any of them off, but when caps-lock is enabled, the num-lock LED turns off. When I disable caps-lock, the num-lock LED comes back on.

I had this problem with the default kernel, but it went away when I
built a new kernel.  I have the Apple Pro keyboard.

I am currently running: 2.4.19-pre4-ben0 which I got the source from
ppckernel.org (I think). I have attached my .config (Put it in the
untarred kernel tree before you run make menuconfig).
David Stanaway

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