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Re: Any tutorial for users moving from another distros?

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 11:19:17PM +0300, Janne Karjanlahti wrote:
> Hi!
> I have used Linux many many years, but only those RedHat-like, rpm-based 
> distributions. I have several computers (iMac with YDL2.2, a couple of 
> PCs running RedHat etc), but 3 weeks ago none of them were running 
> Debian. 2 months ago I purchased used oldworld PowerMac 7200/90/32 mt 
> (about 85 EUR) and after several weeks of hard work I found out that 
> none of my "familiar" distros really worked on it (MandrakePPC, 
> Yellowdog)...
> So decided to switch to Debian.
> Wow! Installation and everything worked so well that I installed Debian 
> also to my iMac with same success.
> But...
> There is a lot of small differences, compared to RedHat-like systems. A 
> good example is missing /etc/sysconfig -directory. How can I change my 
> IP-adress without ifcfg-eth0 -file?
> I think I am not only one how is a little confused with Debian. I'm 
> really happy with Debian fundamental philosophy, and in the long run I  
> will perhaps switch all my machines to Debian. But what I need now is 
> good practical tutorial for ex-redhat-users. What has changed, and how 
> can I wash all that RedHat-spesific stuff out of my head, and how to 
> learn The Debian Way...

Sounds like you're the perfect person to write one? Are you volunteering?

There's a Debian reference which would probably be very useful to you,


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