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Re: attempt to get accelerated video in PT Pro

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 19:24, John Schmidt wrote: 
> I am attempting to get my (old) ATI MACH64GX card working using the ati 
> driver in X in an old Power Tower Pro 200 (6 slot PCI -- 9500 clone).
> I am currently running kernel 2.2.20 based on the powermac install of woody.  
> I am running the video card in frame buffer mode with a default depth of 15.  
> I realize that with my configuration, that 2.2 kernels have issues with the 
> dual pci bus.  I have compiled a 2.4.18 kernel and booted it and it did 
> recognize the dual bus, and for the first time the X logs showed this but I 
> had troubles getting the ati driver to work in any mode and the fb driver to 
> work in 15 bit depth (worked with 8 bit depth).

Why would you want a slower console for no gain?

> Using 2.4.18 and X 4.1:
> The ati driver would only recognize the 8 bit depth, but then stopped with 
> the error:  coudn't initialize Linear Aperature.  Any other depth would not 
> even get to the point where the ati driver was starting to initialize things. 
>  Should one of the modules be turned off?

Probably not, but the ati driver may not be detecting (something about) your
chip correctly; someone recently posted here how he could overcome a similar
problem by overriding the reference clock (IIRC).

> The frame buffer driver would work with 8 bit depth, but for some reason, the 
> memory reported in the X logs indicated that I only had 768K instead of the 
> actual 2048K.  Consequently anything higher than 8bit would not work.  Is 
> there any way to specify a command line of argument in BootX for specifiying 
> the video memory?

BootX has nothing to do with X (in spite of its name ;), you can override the
amount of video RAM with the VideoRam directive in the XF86Config device

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