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Re: X Fall Down Go Boom

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 06:49:19PM -0400, matthew frederick davis h. wrote:
> Hello List.
>     Okay -- I have managed to get an old world machine to boot directly into
> Debian with quik.  Yes, I did manage to find a mouse mode that made my mouse
> move around the screen (imps2)...
>     But now: X won't start up at all.  The screen goes grey for a moment and
> then kicks me back to the prompt, giving me the now familiar whine "Fatal
> server error: Cannot open mouse (Is a directory)".
>     I've configured gpm to use /dev/input/mice as my driver.  I can also
> make my mouse move with /dev/input/mouse0 (though X still won't start), but
> none of the other drivers works for my single-button ADB mouse.
>     By the bye, I'm using Potato on a 9600 'kansas' pmac.
>     Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks!

v4 of XFree86 has much better powermac support. Might be worth a try
(just dist-upgrade to woody?) 

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