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Re: Kernel boot arguments

> Yes! Add 'noaccel' to your arguement list (without quotes, of
> course...)

Thanks for your help... unfortunately it didn't work.

But the following command line worked :


The box is a 7500 wit 4Mb VRAM on the motherboard.


>> I'm running Debian testing and since the last kernel upgrade (2.4.18)
>> from the official distribution, it seems the boot arguments are no
>> longer the same or not working anymore.
>> The boot command I was using is the following :
>> root=/dev/sda9 video=controlfb:vmode:16,cmode:24
>> But I cannot have a 1024x768 pixels screen on the console with this
>> command as I was used to with previous kernels.  Does anybody have
>> experienced this ?  Does anybody know a workaround ?

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