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Re: My own comments re: debian 3.0 powerpc release


Thanks for the detailed response.

> Could you suggest a change to the install manual (link in my .sig) which
> could make this more clear? (Assuming the cd based install worked and your
> ethernet card works in Linux now). 

I'll try, but I don't know squat about hardware.  The ethernet card works 
now and I used the Woody beta netinstall minimal.  

> I'm not sure where this is. Was it asking for paths like /dev/input/mice, or 
> devices like PS/2, or something else?

It was asking to choose from a list of paths, but none that I could 
identify with USB.  Once I got SSHD running, I stopped worrying about the 
mouse and started worrying about the popping / buzzing noise the CRT is 
making (sony).  

> (There's a link on the main home page, did you miss it?)

No.  I've even found the official install instructions on various mirror
sites -- it's on the side bar, but not on the purple nav bar.  It assumes
a pretty good familiarity with current Macintosh hardware.  I haven't used
a macintosh for more than 6 years so I needed more of a recipe -- many
small things, like the role of OpenFirmware, are glossed over.  

> I've never heard of apt-get failing to install a needed dependency. Do
> you have specifics? For apache, just type
> apt-get install apache

As long as I stick to stuff on the mirror sites, apt-get works fine.  In
the case I was thinking of, I couldn't get beyond the dependencies in
Apache 2.0.  I read the man pages, but I'll have to read up on the apt-get
web page.

> The nicest way, I think, to see what packages are available and choose them 
> for installation is aptitude. Use 
> apt-get install aptitude
> to install it. 

"apt-get install aptitude" This seems to hang, it hasn't moved from 99% 
for about 9 hours.


Lars Noodén
Institutt for dokumentasjonsvitenskap
HUM-FAK, Universitetet i Tromsø
Breivika, N-9037 Tromsoe, Norway

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