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Re: PCMCIA && Firewire

On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 18:55, Fritz Wettstein wrote:

    The Firewire issue:
    How do I mount a Firewire disk?
    Is the Orange Micro Firewire to SCSI converter of any use 
    on my configuration?

I have a "Smartdisk" firewire drive that works great on my tibook.
Here's how I do it (usual DONT BLAME ME IF IT BECOMES A TOAST apply :-)

   You want at least these on the kernel:

   plus the SCSI-disk support.


   # insmod ieee1394
   # insmod ohci1394
   # modprobe sbp2

The harddisk shows up /dev/sda[n] if you dont have any other scsi-disks
on your system. Works then as any other harddisk. Fdisk etc unless it
has filesystems already. You may need to insmod the SCSI stuff, but it
looks like they load automatically for me when I modprobe sbp2.


   Just umount the disk, and unplug it. You might want to install 
   "scsiadd" to make it easier to rescan your scsi bus when you 
   add/remove devices.


   As far as I know, the firewire drivers dont support sleep/wakeup
   yet. This means that you need to remove them from the kernel before
   you suspend the machine, and insert them again when you want to use
   the disk. You'll get a kernel hiccup if you forget to do that.

I hope this helps,

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