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simple question: which is 'compose' key on macintosh?

K, I have done my homework. Have looked every where. Have grep thru all the files in /etc/X11/xbd and have check the other stuff that makes keytable happen... I have not been able to figure out where the 'Compose' (Multi_key) is for the Macintosh keyboard. I saw that the 'us' file in the macintosh directory says 'FIXME' and it commented out the Multi_key keycode... does this mean that there is no 'compose' key for the Macintosh keyboard layout? maybe it's mapped somewhere else, I'm not sure. If anybody knows, please, reply to this...

super frustrated with this issue...

I just want to be able to type certain characters (latin) and I would love to use the compose vim.inc.gz file included with Woody (and probably every other Linux distro outhere).

For the record, i'm using a first generation ibook which did not have a single problem when installing Woody from mirrors.kernel.org using people.debian.org/~walters/ibook.html instructions (very good file). I'm used to other distros, first time using Debian. So far debian and I are getting along pretty good. Very nice and stable distro. The best I have ever tried. So keep up the good work.

A little bit more of 'accessible' documentation about things of this sort would be great; I guess having better documentation would benefit the Linux community in general.


Luis M
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