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Re: X server terminating unexpectedly

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 01:09, Thomas Peri wrote: 
> When I forget to log out, and leave my computer alone for a few hours, 
> my session has often been ended by the time I return.  Is this a feature 
> or a bug?

Most definitely a bug.

> I find the following two messages both in syslog and daemon.log:
> Apr 12 15:35:15 beastie kdm[232]: Server for display :0 terminated 
> unexpectedly
> Apr 12 15:35:18 beastie kdm[587]: session start failed
> Nothing before or after these two lines seems to be related, as it's 
> always something different before or after (usually cron or ntpd stuff), 
> and it's usually at least ten or fifteen minutes apart from these lines.
> How can I try to track down what's causing this?

Start X with startx or xinit and see if you can reproduce a crash.

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