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Re: capslock fix for powerbooks

"Josh Huber" <huber@debian.org> writes:

> jason@openinformatics.com (Jason E. Stewart) writes:
> > Yeah, that's the version I'm using on my pismo, and I did get it
> > working. Rememeber to use xmodmap to move the keys around, or it
> > won't do you any good. Also be careful if you've modified your
> > default keymap (which I had done) to remove the capslock altogether.
> Well, I hadn't got to moving the keys around yet, since I was just
> testing with showkey -k & xev.
> I'm seeing the usual pattern -- keydown event with no keyup event, and
> the next time and key up event with no corresponding key down event.
> I don't need to use ADB keycodes for this to work, do I? (I hope
> not...)

I *do* use ADB keycodes (too lazy to read how to figure out how to


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