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Java in Opera?

I've installed the BlackDown JRE, but can't get Opera 5.12 to recognize 
it. I've got lesstif installed. I followed the directions (I think), but 
to no avail. I've set the OPERA_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable, set a 
soft link from the Opera plugin directory to the j2re plugin directory. 
Has anyone else had any success with this?

Normally, I leave Java turned off for security reasons. I wanted to turn 
it on for one web site ( http://www.marvinandgentry.com/ ). I plan on 
emailing the web maintainer suggesting that the use of Java Applets is a 
Really Bad Idea, but in the meantime I need it!

I'm running Opera b/c I don't really want all of the overhead of Konqueror 
or Galeon (I have limited HD space). I tried Mozilla, but it just didn't 
"feel right" - and IIRC, it was significantly slower than Opera. 

Paul F. Pearson (ppearson@hiwaay.net)     http://home.hiwaay.net/~ppearson/
"Lord heal our land. Father heal our land. Hear our cry and turn our nation 
back to You" - Heal Our Land, _Magnify The Lord_ (Integrity Music)

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