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benh work on quik?


You posted a note about RAM for your 8500, and planning
to do some work on BootX. I wonder if you'd also consider 
working on quik. I've done some playing around.

I've done some comparing of code between yaboot and quik, and really
very little of it depends on OF. Quik has to rely on a bootblock, I 
guess, so first.b is a given. But, it seems to me, once we're out of OF, 
that we should be able to make yaboot run. It is the same architecture, 
after all.

I tried just substituting yaboot for second.b, that would have been
too easy. But I think almost the same concept should fly. I noticed 
the memory map that's set up for second.b doesn't leave enough room 
for yaboot (it leaves about 48k and yaboot needs around 160k IIRC) so
I bolluxed up the memory map a bit trying to give it more room - but
I'm obviously way over my head here and it didn't work.

I guess next best, would be to substitute the applicable parts of 
yaboot into quik, or port yaboot to oldworlds (but I don't think 
Ethan's into that). I just don't know of any reason why it shouldn't
work in theory at a top level: get booted with quik type bootblock 
code, continue with yaboot in all its glory.

If you're not planning to work on this, could you at least point me
in the right direction so I can continue experimenting?

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