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Re: Where is abiword for ppc in woody?

Hi David,

I had the same question, and Masayuki Hatta, the maintener of the i386 abiword package, wrote me the following:

> Actually, Debian build daemon for PPC should take care of debs for PPC
> automatically, but now it fails due to autoconf 2.53's bug.  Sorry for
> inconvenience.

In case the daemon has not yet been fixed, you can try the abiword package I built for myself, and put on the web (abiword-0.99.2+cvs.2002.02.25, the version in testing may be newer now). It installs correctly on my computer.

The package can be downloaded at


Here's the original message I sent on this issue:




David Stanaway wrote:

I was wondering why there is no abiword built for powerpc in woody?
There are builds for hppa, alpha, ia64, i386, mips, mipsel and sparc

But no powerpc :/

Is this likely to be built before release?

David Stanaway

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