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Re: X 'loses text' after sleep

On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 01:26, mallum wrote:
    Im running X4.2 ( built from source ) with debian unstable on a tibook
    550 with radeon drivers. The kernel is 2.4.19pre4-ben0 .
    When I sleep and then wake up the machine in X, terms and various
    other apps now either lose characters or the text becomes
    distorted. No other graphical elements seem to be affected only text. 
    Anyone else experienced this, have a fix ?

Seems a bug in the radeonfb. Ben has been hunting for that one for
months now, but as far as I know, it seems to be something hard to find
and bizarre in nature.

Seems like this happens with all gen2 tibooks that have the radeon. The
fun thing is, it seems to be that it sometimes works, and if it works,
then it will work forever until you reboot. And if it goes wacky, it
breaks on wakeup and nothing but a reboot fixes it.

I think I had it work better when I used just Driver "FBDev" with X (the
radeonfb is also accelerated so X is fine, it's just that stuff like
video overlay etc does not work)

Of course everything works perfectly with "NoAccel" but nobody wants
that really.


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