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Re: 2.4.* and IMS Twin Turbo

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 06:14:57AM -0500, Ed Kutrzyba wrote:
> I have finally been able to compile a 2.4 kernel and boot 
> it.  Unfortunately, I have no video.  This has been the case will all 2.4 
> pre-compiled kernels I have tried.  The only indication of a problem is my 
> video card is not recognized properly.  With my 2.2.19 Debian pre-compiled 
> kernel, everything works fine - I get video, I can run X, and the keyboard 
> works and the video card is detected as a IMSTT128 with 8Mb ram.  Using the 
> 2.4.(benh's most current), I get no video and the system does not respond 
> to the keyboard and the video card is detected as a IMSTT128, 4Mb ram.  I 
> am unsure why all the 2.4 kernels detect my card incorrectly
> My system is an Old World, PowerTower Pro 225.
> Any ideas how to get the kernel to properly recognize my video card?  Also 
> why the keyboard doesn't respond.

I found I had to boot _without_ the video=ofonly argument when I used a 2.4 
kernel on my PowerBase 180. Does that make a difference?

The keyboard problem, if you're upgrading from 2.2, is most likely
that covered in


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