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Fw: Woody install docs and Nubus

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From: "Derrik Pates" <dpates@dsdk12.net>
To: "Joel Stutman" <jstutman@optonline.net>
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 11:20 AM
Subject: Re: Woody install docs and Nubus

> On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 10:45:13AM -0500, Joel Stutman wrote:
> > I had mkLinux up on my 7100/66 (about a year ago), it worked, but very
> > buggy, and I didn't have time to play with it.  From time to time I review
> > the LINUX world to see what's happenning, and, last week,  I found your note
> > mentioning a way to get Woody up on your 6100, and spent the weekend getting
> > potato 2.2 r5 up using the ram disk mach kernel and 3 downloaded cd-images.
> > I really wanted woody, but couldn't decide between the stable, unstable,
> > etc.
> You don't have to make that choice right off the bat - initially, you
> just install Potato (which is presently aka stable), and you can upgrade
> to testing/frozen or unstable later.
> > Well, the result with potato is:
> >     I don't have floppy drivers,
> You don't have floppy drivers where? In Linux? The kernel does have
> support for the SWIM3 floppy controller. MacOS should as well.
> >     I don't have a printer driver for hp deskwriter driver,
> Hm. Don't know about this one.
> >     I can't get X working  because
> >         I'm missing fbdev (graphics driver) in xF86config, and
> >         I don't know what else yet.
> What video chipset is your 7100 outfitted with? I haven't had success
> with X on the 6100s, but that seems to be due to deficiencies in the
> ArielII framebuffer used in those systems.
I have the HPV nubus video card ".Built in VRAM Video" [Card ID 96 by Apple Computer] [version unavailable - probably 0.0] - This from Apple system [9.06] profiler.  Where can I find the chipset name?...By the way,  MKLinux's KDE worked (slow as molasses in the winter), but it worked.  In the install routine, I might have answered a question incorrectly....The installation documentation re powermacs is ugly.
Thanks, Derek, I am going to take your suggestion and re-install potato, and when I get to defining the dislay, I'll take some serious notes.

> > Could you take a moment to send me the site name from which you obtained the
> > install-disk-images?  I hope you have some sort of log as to what sites you
> > went to and what you downloaded.
> http://nubus-pmac.sf.net has install images for Potato (kernel + ramdisk
> image wrapped into one file). Just look under the "Kernels with
> Installers" heading.
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