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Re: Antw: Re: Install a Debian in an E/30

> Alas, I have lost most of the RS/6000 kernel files in a hard disk crash, 
> so I do not have the config file for this kernel. The driver that fails is 
> the one under CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2. The other 53C8XX drivers 
> available also hang. Has anyone got an idea what could be wrong?

just a data point: on my motorola blackhawk boxen (which are also 
PReP), the SYM53C8XX driver panics the kernel at boot time when there 
are more than 32 (or was it 64?) megs of RAM in the machine; this was 
with 2_4_ppc_devel from the bitkeeper repository. Generally, I've 
been unable to get SCSI going reliably with all the 2.4 series -- at 
the best, it's hanging after some 10 minutes of uptime with SCSI 

OTOH, a co-worker had success with a stock 2.4.17 on his blackhawk 



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