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Re: mice and x

on 27/02/2002 22:57, Chris Tillman at toff@iMacBlue wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 09:47:20PM -0500, eric wrote:
>> Chris Tillman wrote:
>>> You're out of my league now; but there are 2 ways to start X, startx and
>>> gdm. With gdm, you have a choice of what kind of session you want, I
>>> think. When installed as part of the tasksel desktop package, I think most
>>> of this stuff is taken care of for you; at least gnome starts for me
>>> automatically when I start X.
>> well, as you can tell from my earlier post, I've gotten it to work. I
>> still have to work out things like my DEL and BACKSPACE keys, figure out
>> how to get 3 button mouse emulation, and I'm set. I'm writing this from
>> mozilla (I haven't been concentrating on getting a real (IMO) emailer to
>> work... yah, GNOME gets started from within X, duh me. gnome desktop and
>> so forth. Thanx for the help :-).
> For 3-button emulation, search the list for sysctl.conf or mac_hid.

ok, thanks :). (smiling yet again) in that folder (directory, mac os
habit...) I saw 3 files, all of them 0 bytes. all have a 0 or nothing,
depending which file viewer one uses, and the names are mouse_button2_???
mouse_button3 and mouse_button_emulation. I tried editing them to have them
read as 1, and not zero, but the kernel wouldn't let me. also I've been
having a strange problem with permissions. What's the permission and owner
of /usr ? anyone?


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