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help can't use the boot-floppies

dear list,

I have two 8500/180 PowerPC machine ;)
One machine has netbsd on it which was very easy to install.
Now I want debian on the other one. I downloaded the iso-image and tried out to make the floppy boot images with dd (on another linux machine) because the CD is not a bootable one. I took rescue.bin / root.bin / boot.bin , put the floppydisk in the drive and then :

boot unrecognized client program format or just : can't boot from device

I also tried to netboot the whole thing but it seems that the bf: file is still the wrong one...
(tftp, bootp stuff is working correctly)

I don't know what I am doing wrong...

(Firmware is 1.0.5)

thanks for any hints you have


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