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Re: More macromedia flash player

Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> writes:

> [...]  
> You also have to build with -fPIC or the plugin will randomly fail.

Which flash Makefile(s) do you have to add -fPIC to the CFLAGS?

There is one top-level Makefile (where I applied the above patch) plus
each subdirectory has its own Makefile.

> > Unfortunately, the GPL Flash Mozilla/Netscape plugin doesn't support
> > Flash 5, which some sites seem to be using.  Another problem (for me
> > anyway) is that the GPL Flash plugin seems to crash Mozilla.
> Indeed, someone will have to track down this bug and fix it. At least
> it's the same on i386. :)

Yes, at least the bug is consistent. :)

> Thanks for your interesting pointers.

And thank you for the -fPIC pointer.

- Matt

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