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Re: [Debian-PowerMacs]Re: adsl connecting, but not doing anything

on 19/02/2002 19:32, Michel Dänzer at daenzer@debian.org wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 23:35, eric.s.cote@sympatico.ca wrote:
>> with ifconfig, i get the additional UP connection of the eth0, as well as
>> the ppp0. i i've checked all the man pages, docs, and other stuff, and there
>> doesn't seem to be a problem, but like i said, nothing happens.
> Silly question, but is your default route set to use the PPP peer as gateway?
another silly question: what's the "peer"? when it seems that it was, pppd
wouldn't let me connect at all. it would tell me something like : the peer
is requesting authentification, but you did not provide it. now all I do is
type adsl-connect. pppd comes up, pppoe comes up, then I get a message from
the ADSL software saying "Connected!"

i should post some logs of this, i think it would help tremendously to debug
this. i'll see if the DSL is logging stuff, and if not i'll run some
diagnostics and set the DSL to debugging level.


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